QBE Mobile App


Provide personalized recommendations and education to improve financial wellbeing


Duration: 1 week

Research: -

Prototyping: Sketch mockups

Testing: Iteration w/ stakeholders

Strategy: UX strategy

Visuals: Minimum viable personality


Pitched for approval

For three days, I worked with Sydney's Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP) project team to design and prototype a digital tool that will support the touchpoints between microfinance agents and their clients. The digital tool would enable the assessment and diagnosis of financial wellness of the clients, and will provide personalized recommendations and education to improve their financial wellbeing.

The QBE Foundation engaged with World Vision Australia, VisionFund International (VFI), Community Economic Ventures Inc (CEVI) and Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP) to develop a micro-insurance initiative to support clients who live below the poverty line. This initiative would be first piloted in the Philippines.

The product and solution was driven with a human-centred design approach, commencing with immersive research into rural communities of Filipinos, and leading to an innovation workshop where experts in tech, insurance, and livelihood were invited to co-create solutions alongside attendees from our target market–rural Filipinos living below the poverty line.

The following are the mobile app concept's supported use cases:

  • The microfinance agent can collect microfinance client information so that it can be used for client information retention.
  • The microfinance agent can collaboratively walk clients through a questionnaire, so that they can assess their financial wellness and livelihood.
  • The microfinance agent can communicate the visual and verbal recommendations made by the tool to the client, so that the client can determine which options are relevant to their wellbeing.
  • The microfinance agent can empower the client to pick and choose specific financial product options (especially around microinsurance, and microloans) from the recommendations that have been provided, so that a product package can be created for the client.

Below are several mockups of the microfinance mobile app concept.