NPS and CSAT Surveys


Create method of gathering feedback from businesses to inform product strategy


Duration: 8 weeks

Research: Stakeholder interview

Prototyping: Paper, Sketch mockups + Invision prototype

Testing: -

Strategy: UX + product strategy

Visuals: Consistent with platform's visual design strategy


Implemented, informed product strategy and roadmap.

After receiving advice from investors Omidyar Network, executive management decided to implement two surveys, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), to measure customer experience for the recruiter/employer side of the platform.

Since this was unfamiliar for most of us, we studied up on the surveys and its best practices. A particular challenge for us was creating follow-up questions to the NPS so that we could accurately categorize what we could do to improve on our score.

In general, the NPS and CSAT were sent to clients based on specific triggers—for example, a month after signing up. We used 2 methods: first was via email and second was as a banner on the recruiter dashboard. Both would lead to a survey funnel which was easy and quick to fill up. The NPS survey was sent to paying clients and the CSAT survey was only sent to trial clients.

A month after implementing both NPS and CSAT surveys, the product and data science team analyzed the results and came back with some interesting (and confidential) findings that we used to direct our product strategy moving forward.

We also iterated on the first version of the NPS. We found that some of the categorizations were leading to some biased data. In the second iteration, the surveys only asked users what Kalibrr can do to improve. With help from the data science team, we used natural language processing (NLP) techniques to derive the categorizations. This resulted into better insights from the survey audience which were more helpful for the product team.

Below are screen mockups for the first and last parts of the NPS survey.

Below are the designs for the NPS and CSAT banners that were triggered to appear on the recruiter dashboard.