Message Templates


Increase number of conversations made through the platform


Duration: 2 weeks

Research: User feedback

Prototyping: Sketch mockups + Invision prototype

Testing: -

Strategy: UX + product strategy

Visuals: Consistent with platform's visual design strategy


Partially implemented: UI tweaks were implemented, UX changes were cancelled due to re-prioritization

Insights showed that recruiters who maximized the Kalibrr messaging platform had a higher chance of successfully hiring a candidate. As such, encouraging the use of the messaging platform became a focus of the product strategy. One of the under-used features the messaging platform had was automating the sending of messages. This was done through a tool we called the message templates.

After conducting some quick evaluations, the low usage of the feature was attributed to the design of the interface. The feature was done in the earlier days of Kalibrr and had not been updated to the current, more usable design patterns.

The high-impact, low-effort fix was to update the design of the interface to increase product feature usage.

The longer-term solution was to also increase the visibility of the feature across the platform. The feature was only accessible via the Messaging platform and was not incorporated into any workflow. The idea was to increase the conversations between recruiter and jobseeker by prompting the recruiter to send a message to the jobseeker when they're moving the jobseeker across the recruiting pipeline. This incorporated the use of the message templates feature into a workflow, which would hopefully increase the target metric.

The solution was cancelled however when management decided to do a major update to the Messaging platform.

Below is a mockup of the updated Message Templates interface.

Below are several modals showing how the Message Templates would have been used inside a workflow.