Kalibrr Landing Page


Get more jobseekers to sign-up and use the platform


Duration: 4 weeks

Research: User research, analytics

Prototyping: Sketch mockups + Invision prototype

Testing: Iterations informed by analytics

Strategy: Content, UX + Product strategy

Visuals: Consistent with platform's visual design strategy


Boosted site ranking for target keywords, from 3rd page to 1st page. Launched when platform had 300k users. Still live with platform at 1M+ users.

We found through user research that most of our users were hesitant to sign up and provide their details when we had not yet shown enough value for them to do so. The landing page had a sign up form and did not provide an easy way to navigate towards the job board.

Thus, the redesign focused on bringing value to the jobseeker as soon as possible. To do this, we highlighted the job search functionality and only introduced the sign up flow when jobseekers found a job they were interested in.

Looking at search reports, we also found that jobseekers usually searched for well-known brands like Toyota, Uber, Citibank, and Procter & Gamble. To bring the value to the jobseeker as soon as possible, we highlighted these brands and companies in the landing page where clicking on each logo would bring the users to the list of jobs for the company or brand.

Lastly, we observed from analytics and user research that curated job categories were highly searched by jobseekers and that, for people who browsed, there was a high click rate for them. And, aside from highlighting curated job categories in the landing page and making it easy for jobseekers to jump straight into categories they are interested in, this section also provided an additional SEO boost for the landing page.

Below is a side-by-side view of the landing page before the redesign (left, taken from web.archive.org) and after the redesign (right).