Kalibrr Job Board


Increase number of job post views


Duration: 3 months

Research: User feedback, user interviews, analytics

Prototyping: Sketch mockups + Invision prototype

Testing: In-person usability testing, iteration w/ stakeholders

Strategy: Product strategy

Visuals: Consistent with platform's visual design strategy


Job board applications increased by 20%. Mobile job board applications increased by 40%.

Research showed that a lot of job views through mobile were not converting to applications. The use of a tabular layout was not mobile-friendly and, at that time, a growing majority of Kalibrr jobseekers were using their mobile phones to visit the website. This prompted a reconsideration of the table design pattern to something that would respond better to mobile phones: a card list layout.

Below is a screenshot of the Kalibrr job board before the redesign.

User research also indicated that users were more prone to search via the search bar than to browse. Focusing on that behavior, we improved the search experience by adding auto-complete search suggestions to improve search accuracy.

Additionally, we also improved the filters to allow multi-select filtering. This reduced the number of combinations a user had to try to get good search results.

Below is a screenshot of the actual Kalibrr job board after the redesign.