Employer Verification


Prevent employment scams and establish trust between jobseekers and employers


Duration: 3 weeks

Research: User feedback

Prototyping: Sketch mockups + Invision prototype

Testing: -

Strategy: UX strategy

Visuals: Consistent with platform's visual design strategy


Reduced reported scams to almost 0%. Increased applications in companies who used the new verification features.

Several incidents of fake recruiters were reported by jobseekers through Kalibrr's customer support channel. Working with the Customer Success team to identify and solve the problem, the Product team decided to build several employer verification procedures into the platform which included verifying a company's business permits or website.

These verification procedures impacted both the jobseeker- and employer-sides of the platform. For jobseekers, this meant seeing a "Verified Employer" badge in the job board and job invites. For the employer, this meant some additional steps when requesting for verification.

As a platform built on trust, we encouraged employers to get the "Verified Employer" badge and, with Kalibrr doing the employer verifications, we made jobseekers feel more secure that they were applying to great companies.

Lastly, as any recruiter had access to creating a 1-month trial account, we empowered jobseekers to report false-looking company pages or job posts. Once reported, Kalibrr's customer success team would verify if those reports were accurate and take down company pages if necessary.

Below is a design for a company page which contains the job listings for that company. The below company is a "Verified Employer".

Below are the designs for the Report Listing modals.

Below is a design for the Employer Verification email that recruiters or employers receive (left) and a design for a job invite that jobseekers receive (right).