Accounts Dashboard


Help customer success team advise their clients on what else clients can do to maximize platform efficiency


Duration: 3 weeks

Research: Collab with Customer Success + Business Intelligence team

Prototyping: Sketch mockups + Invision prototype

Testing: Iteration w/ stakeholders

Strategy: UX + product strategy

Visuals: -


Completed, successfully automated processes done by customer success teams when reporting to clients. 1200% increase in time-savings due to auto-generated reports.

The account dashboard is an internal tool created to assist the Customer Success team's account managers in generating insights for their high-touch clients. Each account manager may have up to 30+ company client accounts. Periodically, these account managers meet with the clients to provide them with a performance report and insights on what they can do to achieve a higher success rate on the platform.

The account dashboard assists in providing Kalibrr's account managers with both high-level and detailed view of each of each client company account's performance. Without the tool, account managers would spend as high as 3 hours gathering data from different sources across the business. With the tool, account managers spend can spend as little as 10 minutes to gather the information they need.

The tool is also able to generate PDF reports of the data. This also reduces the time spent by account managers creating slide deck presentations of their reports.

Below is a mockup of each account manager's personalized view of the Accounts Dashboard.

Below are two mockups of a company's account page in the Account Dashboard.