Access Management


Customize levels of administrative, sensitive information, and permission granting privileges


Duration: 8 weeks

Research: User feedback, stakeholder interview

Prototyping: Sketch mockups + Invision prototype

Testing: Iteration w/ stakeholders

Strategy: UX strategy

Visuals: Consistent with platform's visual design strategy


Successful launch, pioneered with Indonesia. Key feature to signing top Indonesian enterprises.

A lot of key signings in both Indonesia and Philippines were corporations or conglomerates that had big recruitment teams. In contrast to startups whose recruiters do end-to-end recruitment and HR tasks, recruiters in these big companies usually specialize in specific tasks of the recruitment process like scheduling and conducting interviews, sourcing candidates, or posting jobs.

To help these companies better manage their teams and especially their accounts, the Product team created an access management tool into the recruiter platform. The tool could grant three levels of access to the users: administrator, job manager, and interviewer. At the most basic, administrators had access to their entire Kalibrr account, job managers can manage the job posts, and interviewers only have access to an interviewee's profile.

This was a deceptively difficult project, especially given the constraints. There were a lot of challenges and I learned a lot. In hindsight, I may have also done a few things differently.

Below are some designs for the user management feature: the administrator view and the add-a-teammate view.